music and communication

Music communicates in all kinds of applications. For example, watch the same piece of film without the music and the experience may be completely different. More and more studies show how important music can be in recovering after surgery, babies where their hard beat drops. Not for nothing do many experience the power of music in meditation.

Music and our brain

What actually happens in your brain when you listen to music? And do you also feel emotion when you listen to music? Most people feel this. The great thing is that when you listen to music and you also feel an emotion with it, you are quickly inclined to move with it. This is because music, in our brain is very close to our motor center. Erik Schreder has explained this excellently in his book Singing in the brain.

Music can release happiness within ourselves. Danish researchers have even concluded that 25 to 60 minutes of listening to music before bed contributes to better sleep quality.

Listening to music while exercising has an effect of keeping up the workout longer. They also feel better after exercise.

Sound and music consist of vibrations, the higher the number of vibrations per second, the higher the tone. The unit for this is the Hertz, abbreviated Hz. The meaning of music is fundamentally much greater than just words. Our brain and the cells in our body are sensitive to recognizing patterns (in sound and vibration) and therefore music gives a much deeper meaning to forms of communication. Musicians have known for centuries that music is "the language of the heart." How powerful it is when a film hits us at the core.

According to researcher and musician Ananda Bosman, Egyptian instruments from the Archaic period had a pitch of 432 Hz today it is 440 hz. Music in 432 Hz is more pleasing to the ear, softer, more beautiful and clearer than music in 440 Hz, according to the majority of music lovers. From Playanote we have tested this, only we ourselves do not experience the impact between a tuning of 423 or 440 hz

Listening to music makes one happy and has an effect on your emotional balance. It has an effect on your brain and emotional state and soon we will post our first musical meditative journey on this site and of course we would love to hear your feedback.

Music, communications and applications

We develop custom music to enhance, for example, your video message in terms of communication. Obviously, video is one of the applications, but it can also be applicable to computer games, advertising, presentations, attractions and so on. Developing music for performances, where sometimes the theme song can be the common thread that keeps coming back in various forms in these proposals. So one stays connected, one makes a link with these proposals and every time one hears this theme one thinks again of this performance and the possible message which is incorporated in it.


The developers behind music and communication

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Instruments : Piano/keyboards/vocals
Studio : Producer, Writer, Arranger, Sound/Audio engineer
Background music : Jazz, pop, classical, rock/ symphonic, world music
Professionally active since : 1998
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Examples (more to follow soon):

Tony Kam Music Experience

Music & sound effect in online games

Music at a corporate presentation

Music to accompany trailers

Music at a corporate presentation

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